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Custom-Fit Your Clothes

Custom-Fit Your Clothes

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Get your clothes custom-fitted without ever having to go into a store! Simply fill out our order form on our website, send in your clothes, and get them back perfectly fitted!


  1. Select the number and types of clothing you want custom-fitted in the chart above
  2. Place the order
  3. Send the clothing to us (include a print-out of the order confirmation) 
  4. We'll take care of the rest.
Shipping Address: 23742 Lyons Ave #221702 Newhall, CA 91321

For more information, check out our detailed information page here.

Customizing only takes minutes, so you can expect your clothing to be sent back to you custom-fitted in less than 24 hours after we receive it. 

Note: Please make sure none of the garments have decoration or fabric gaps along the side seam as this may prevent us from customizing them. We only adjust the fit around the body. We do not shorten length, tighten or shorten sleeves, or other types of garment alteration.

Garments we can custom-fit: 

  1. Short, Bodycon Dresses

  2. Collared Shirts

  3. Sweaters

  4. T-Shirts

  5. Tank Tops